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My life has always centered around food, travel, and culture. My father was deeply involved with organic agriculture and developed his own commercial heirloom variety farm and fruit orchard in Northern California long before it was the thing to do.  My mother's side hails from Switzerland; my grandmother was a prima ballerina in the Swiss National Ballet. European traditions and bon vivant were woven into my life from birth.  I grew up skiing in Sun Valley, Utah and British Columbia, playing on the beaches of Mexico and exploring European locales from Switzerland to the Netherlands, Italy, Ireland, and France.  After college, I designed my own food and patisserie tour of France, which included a chocolate tour of Paris, led by foodie legend, David Lebovitz.  I later charted a trip across Europe exploring fine wines and cheeses, my not so secret passion.  I honeymooned in Havana sipping Mojitos to a Caribbean sunset.  I'm a firm believer that romance, food, and travel are essential elements to any life well lived.


Becoming a travel consultant was a natural outworking of my upbringing and worldview.  There is nothing more satisfying than being able to personally arrange amazing discoveries and life-changing experiences for my clients.  As a mother of two traveling children, I love arranging adventures for families and helping them make lifelong memories together.  No personal detail is too complex.  Due to my own experiences, I am especially attuned to the challenges of travel with food allergies and restrictions.  Whatever you need or desire to make your experience perfect, I am here to arrange it for you.


Where in the world would you like to go? 

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